Project Partner for The Gambia

Foto Baba Sillah, Projektpartner Gambia

Baba Sillah was born in Gambia, Bagadagi, a small village in the east of the country. In 2004 he came to Europe: first to Italy, then to Austria. In 2013 he moved to Switzerland and 2017 to Spain. Since then he has been living in Girona.

He speaks English, some Spanish and German and his mother tongue Mandinka. He is in charge of customer service and takes care of all the matters regarding the first eco-lodge in Gambia. Together with Anna Oladejo, he traveled to Senegal to find the ideal prototype for the eco-lodges.

Standing together as an extended family is an important part of his work. As the father of four boys and a devout Muslim, he willingly supports disadvantaged families and orphans.

Before migrating to Europe, he traveled Africa for years. He lived and worked in different countries: in the Congo, Nigeria, Niger, Mali and Libya. His intercultural experience is diverse and his attitude flexible. Adapting to the particular system and taking life as it comes are his main principles.