Inspirational Gambia

Grundstück in Tujereng, Gambia

It was really strange. As if out of nowhere, a picture appeared in my mind with five round houses that I was supposed to build. This happened in January 2019 and I was on my first trip to Gambia.

A vision out of nowhere

In order to check this vision, I traveled to Gambia again in April 2019 and to the north of Senegal for 14 days. The image solidified. I was bubbling over with ideas and the concept took shape.

In April 2019 I was looking for a plot of land with Baba Sillah. We have already met some real estate companies. Near a well-known fishing village, we found the perfect property, not far from the main road: 1000 m2 of sandy soil, 150 m from the flat, pristine sandy beach, only separated by a dune with bushes. A big advantage in terms of erosion.

with a team member of EJ Investment

You can find out more about our vision in the article “Vision einer Seestädterin in Afrika” on or in the workflow (from page 14) “Die Mutmacherin”.

Anna Oladejo