Our eco-lodges vision

Eco-Lodges in Afrika: das erste Design. Hier die Ansicht von vorne.

The name of BaoBeach Villages says it all: fine eco-lodges by the water and near a baobab tree. Places of power in Africa!

Eco-lodges with round houses

We haven’t decided which country to start in. Currently, four modern round houses are planned: traditional on the outside, comfortable on the inside. Powered by solar power and naturally cool.

There is also a breezy and bright restaurant with an attached kitchen. In addition, a two-story guest house with double rooms or apartments and an open dance floor on the roof. Employees also live here.

The reception and bar are right at the entrance, by the pool, which also provides a sundeck with a view of the water. A large garden invites you to relax and stroll. Parking spaces are available. A fire place creates a relaxing atmosphere in the evening. Two local shops are close-by: a beauty salon and a dressmaker.

The name and its meaning

First, we love baobabs. These trees are widespread in Africa. In many African cultures, they form the center for gatherings and various religious rituals.

Baobab in der Chefferie Bafou, West Region, Kamerun
A particularly beautiful baobab forms the center of the Chefferie in Bafou, Cameroon

Village meetings with music and dance take place under this tree. Stories are told in the evenings. It offers protection and is a resting place for those passing by. As part of our name, “Bao” is an important element for our eco-lodges, which we develop as places of power.

The second part of the name – “Beach” – manifests our love of the water. We love the ocean and its movement, dancing by the sea. That is why we’ve planned our eco-lodges close to the water: by the river, by the lake or by the sea. Water calms us down, creates life and is a main source for our actions.

Strand in Gambia, Abendstimmung
Coast of Gambia

The last part of the name “Villages” stands for everything that connects. Our vision is to connect people with other people – especially from different cultures – and to learn from each other. This way, we overcome any limits in our mind and let go of prejudice.