Holiday in Africa

Connecting people to people

Would you like to go on vacation in Africa and you’re not sure what country or with whom? We recommend tours to Ghana and Cameroon.

Immerse yourself in the culture of these countries, make contact with locals and get to know living traditions. Selected tour guides will accompany you on the entire cultural tour. We will prepare you for your trip upon request.

If you prefer to go exploring in Vienna: then the day program of Africa in Vienna is the right thing for you.

Our beautiful rag dolls also ensure sunshine in your home – all unique pieces and ideal as gifts.

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Holiday in Africa

“Treat yourself to a 2-weeks-holiday and help others in the process.”

Our example programs for cultural trips to Cameroon and Ghana are based on the concept of solidarity tourism. This provides many helping hands with a temporary income. We work together with selected partner travel agencies that take care of you on site.


Discover Cameroon

Our recommendation for a 14-day round trip to Ghana, where you can

  • immerse yourself in city and village life and learn about the local way of life
  • explore the diversity of Cameroon with its white sand beaches and nature
  • visit the traditional West region with its numerous executive vacations and chefferies

Discover Cameroon

Explore Ghana

Our recommendation for a 14-day round trip to Ghana, where you can

  • enjoy the city and village life in Accra, Agave, Ada, Keta and Aflao.
  • relax and get to know the life of the locals
  • enjoy captivating rhythms, dance and drum
  • explore the water-rich Volta region and Greater Accra

Explore Ghana

Eco-Lodge as Places of Empowerment

The vision: We plan to build several BaoBeach Villages Eco-lodges in different African countries. They are located by the water (sea, river, lake) and provide space for at least 30 travelers, 10 local employees or artists.

Modern round houses and rooms provide accommodation. Let the “soul dangle” and enjoy the stay at the pool with sun deck and sea/lake view, in the open air bar or in the modern restaurant.

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Fill up with energy, feel the soul of the country, get to know traditions, exchange with locals, build intercultural experiences: Power places of community

Local food, creative workshops and festivals await you. Dance and drum workshops and performances take place on the beach/beach, at the fireplace or on the rooftop dance floor.

A small beauty store and tailor store are located street-side. A garden invites you to linger or to cover your own needs for vegetables and fruit.


Mag. Anna Oladejo, Owner, Project Management<br>Marketing & Communication<br>Africa Traveler

Mag. Anna Oladejo
Owner, Project Management
Marketing & Communication
Africa Traveler

Jules Lazare Mekontchou, Partner for Cameroon<br>Co-Founder of Vision<br>Artistic Coordinator

Jules Lazare Mekontchou
Partner for Cameroon
Co-Founder of Vision
Artistic Coordinator

Baba Sillah, Partner for Gambia<br>Co-Founder of Vision

Baba Sillah
Partner for Gambia
Co-Founder of Vision

We Thank all our Sponsors

We thank: Amanortey Kisseih/Ghana trip # Natalie Pillwatsch/Text correction # Amedzo Mawunyo/design Eco-Lodge # Renate Obadigbo/advices on The Economy for the Common Good # Tomas Befekadu