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Sustainable Travelling – Experience Different Cultures

Are you fascinated by the diversity of Africa? Do you want to be part of the “real” local life? Usually it’s not that easy to explore countries in West Africa.

This is why we provide privatly organised cultural tours in various African countries. Our first tour starts in Cameroon 2021, than we plan Ghana in 2022. Get a first-hand insight into the daily life of the locals and establish intercultural relationships during your stay!


The huge continent with lively traditions and beautiful landscapesd is one of the most fascinating places on earth. While some have documentaries about its poverty, diseases and instabilities in mind, others think of Safari tours and dancing rituals. As always, there’s truth in both of these images.

With BaoBeach Villages we plan to create places of empowerment for the community. Interacting with different people and their mindsets is the key for transformation. Our project follows some of the UN sustainability goals!

Discover Africa in a Special Way

Even before our first Eco-lodge is built, we offer cultural tours in small groups. Our motto is: “Be good to yourself and others”.

Easter 2022: Cultural Trip to Ghana

Have you always dreamed of getting to know Ghana or another country south of the Sahara from its pure and authentic side? Then this special tour might be right up your alley. For two weeks you can

  • experience the city and village life of Ghana (Accra, Agave, Ada, Keta, Koforidua)
  • make extraordinary connections with local people
  • dance and drum under professional guidance to local rhythms
  • be part of the Easter Festival with many traditional highlights in Kwahu
  • get to know the fascinating Eastern region and the water-rich Volta region

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Eco-Lodge as Places of Empowerment

We have planned to build several BaoBeach Villages Eco-lodges in different African countries. All of them are located near the water (sea, river, lake) and provide space for at least 30 travelers and 10 local employees or artists.

Visitors mainly live in modern round houses and rooms in a story building. A sundeck by the pool with waterview and a bar invite to “relax and unwind”. The fire place is next to the airy restaurant.

Experience authentic community and build intercultural connections! Travelers can expect local food, creative workshops and lively festivals. Dance and drum workshops or performances take place on the sand and fire place or on the beach.

A small shop for everyday needs and a tailor shop are located directly on the premises. A private garden covers everybodys needs and supplies vegetables and fruit for the local market. Long story short: Recharge and relax in a place of empowerment.

Be Part of the Community

Africa – a huge continent:
54 countries. 30.2 million km² or 22 % of the earth
An estimated 1.3 billion people
Approx. 2140 languages ​​and dialects spoken

Africa enthusiasts are the core of our BaoBeach Villages community. Would you like to become a member and be up to date about our activities?

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Important Information

We offer interesting investment and cooperation opportunities in Africa.

We especially support social projects for young Africans to provide guidance in their career orientation.

Looking for Support

BaoBeach Villages is still in the making. The project team is looking for support, funding is in preparation. We are currently looking for the following volunteers:

  • Organizational development: Support in building up the company and its team
  • Project assistant: elaboration of the business and project plan, with experience in finances/tourism and setting up an eco-lodge, preferably with experience in Africa
  • Social Media & Crowdfunding assistant: support of our campaign on social media
  • Tourism expert for Africa: Advice on completing our business plan

Do you have the time and experience and are you passionate about being part of this bigger vision?

Please contact us!

Project Team

Mag. Anna Oladejo, project management, business plan, marketing, communication

Mag. Anna Oladejo
project management, business plan, marketing, communication

Jules Lazare Mekontchou, project partner, artistic coordination

Jules Lazare Mekontchou
project partner, artistic coordination

Baba Sillah, project partner for Gambia

Baba Sillah
project partner for Gambia

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